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Jamiesta Julien

Pre – Kindergarten

Welcome to our VPK class! I am very excited to be your VPK Director and Lead teacher for the school year 2017-2018. It will be a great year filled with new adventures and new discoveries with Christ at the center. In our class wee care for each child, value their ideas and thoughts and actions. I can’t wait for my new students to share their talents and strengths. Let’s work together as a team to make the dream work!

Pre-K: Our VPK Program maintains high standard with a 98-100% rating, preparing students for easy transition to Kindergarten.  Our experienced, qualified, and dedicated staff, uses the Learn Every Day and Pebbles Curriculum.

Shari Rodgers


At our school, we have lots of great learning activities in an interactive environment. Our Kindergarteners will spend their, mornings in a rich learning environment that actively prepares them for the next level of their education.

Shyani Grant

Grades 1 -2

As the school year begins, the dream team will be soaring beyond their dreams.  With Christ, being the head of the anchored vessel, I welcome all my first and second students, back to school.  There’s nothing that pushes students to do their best, like a teacher who loves,cares, is spiritually grounded, and shows pride not only in their accomplishments; but in helping each student to  realize his/her true potential.

To the dream team, this year you will be soaring beyond your dreams; you will be changing the impossible, into endless possibilities; with faith and pride.  Have a wonderful school year, as we work together as a team, to fulfill our dreams.

Milagros Velazquez

Grades 3-4

Exciting and new adventures envelop the classroom as students are immersed into the 3rd and 4th grade learning environment.  Here they dare to dream, work, and then achieve their goals.

Grades 5 – 6

Welcome to a warm, friendly, caring, family.  In our classroom we value togetherness, collaboration, and hard work, always aiming for excellence in both our work and conduct.  Our engaging curriculum includes hands-on projects, creating and acting in plays, planning and implementing programs in chapel, and organizing service-activities. Our students are preparing to take over the reins of leadership of our school as they transition to the next grade.

Grades 7- 8

Our students are the mentors, supporters, and leaders of our students-body.  They lead the way in chapel activities, organizing and motivating students for sports events, and activities which promote and enhance the total development of the school environment and student- body.  Our 8th grade students are carefully groomed for the challenges of high school by completing a rigorous curriculum, and sharpening their leadership and social skills, as well as their spiritual development.

The highlights of this grade include a class trip, student-teaching, graduation, and a limousine ride to an exotic dinner destination.

Cynthia Mighty


WELCOME!!! Music keeps us alive. Music makes us smarter.

It’s a language we all understand. Together we will produce music that inspires and uplifts,