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School Creed & Song

BWAS School Creed

I am a BWAS Eagle. Beryl Wisdom Adventist School is my school. I am being groomed to become a caring, responsible, fair-minded citizen in my community and in the kingdom to come. I am in partnership with God, my parents, my teachers, BWAS staff, my peers, and any other person God has put in my path to help me succeed. I will respect and honor these success partners. To help myself succeed:

  • I will use polite, respectful language

  • I will follow directions

  • I will keep my environment clean

  • I will pay attention in class, work hard and complete all tasks

  • I will spend time with God every day

  • I will show up on time for school with:

    • Reading and writing materials

    • Homework assignments

    • Good manners

    • Eagle spirit

Eagle Spirit

I am a BWAS Eagle. I make results, not excuses. My actions are my responsibility. Quitting is never an option. When I face a storm I find a way around it, over it, or through it.  I will be successful! I refuse to fail! I am a BWAS Eagle, created by God to soar high above every mountain. I can do all things through Christ who gives me strength.

School Song

Fly BWAS Eagles! Strong and true

Value the word of God in everything you do

Soar high above the storms and seas for all the world to see

Oh Beryl Wisdom Eagles, stand with God for thee

(Girls Only)   I’m a BWAS Eagle, I’m a Beryl Wisdom Eagle x 2

(Boys join in) I’m a Beryl Wisdom Eagle, I’m a BWAS Eagle x2

I was made to fly for the Lord; I was made to fly for the glory of the Lord            x2

I’m a BWAS Eagle, I’m a Beryl Wisdom Eagle x2